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Marine Film Design was founded by Tom Cochrane 20 years ago to provide a specialist production design and marine consulting services for films, television and commercials in the UK and Worldwide.  As a designer and marine expert Tom has an in depth knowledge of the production process to help realise logistically complex marine related projects.

As a designer and marine expert Tom’s work encapsulates a holistic, visual approach with an in depth knowledge and understanding of the production process and requirements for getting the right shot. Marine Film Design can draw on his extensive background and experience in production and the commercial maritime industry to help realise logistically complex marine related projects.

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Tom spent his childhood sailing and began working as an art director on commercials at the age of 18.  In between film jobs he worked as a delivery skipper both here in the uk and abroad.  He has extensive offshore atlantic sailing experience and has also sailed lived and worked on board vessels in the Mediterranean, Ireland, Scotland, USA and Mexico.


Tom has worked on a huge range of productions for film and Tv and his practical approach is a great asset to the camera and grip departments. He has extensive experience budgeting, location finding and sourcing the right locations, studios, vessels, props and has run construction teams both in the Uk , Morocco and in the Med and USA.

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Production Design

Studio build for Miracle on the Hudson filmed at Blackhanger Studios.

Marine Art Direction

On Location in Tunisia on Siren

Marine Co Ordination

Pilot Cutter featured off Brigham for Eon Power Commercial.

Everything you need to shoot a beautiful film on water

Marine Film Design
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