Marine Film Design specialise in filming on the sea and water, providing a complete service for production companies embarking on projects of a marine nature.

Marine Co Ordination

Tom Cochrane of Marine Film Design has over 25 years experience in marine co ordination with a specialist knowledge shooting action scenes in marine locations. Managing complex marine logistics with multiple vessels in often challenging weather conditions requires rigorous planning and risk assessment. Health and safety of the entire film crew is paramount and we have the expertise to support productions of any size. Marine film design can co ordinate all background support logistics alongside hero vessels and camera platforms.

We work closely with maritime authorities and have a wide network of marine locations and vessels available for charter. Our standby safety teams comprise of fully qualified commercial divers and helmsmen. We work with naval architects to design and build and adapt craft where necessary.


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Sinking yacht rig

Marine Construction and SFX

We are a team of highly qualified technicians who have extensive experience working on a wide range of productions over 20 years  providing support for filming on the water.

MFD is a UK based organisation, we also have bases in San Diego USA, Baja California Mexico, Tunisia, Malta & Sardinia.


MFD is a marine hub for production companies to tap into for information and advice. From the early stages of production we will be able to advise on how best to proceed and what will be necessary from a health and safety point of view.

We will provide all the necessary risk assessments and permissions and liaise with all the relevant authorities.


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Marine Risk Assessment

From purpose built filming tanks, inshore lakes and swift water rivers to coastal and offshore locations, MFD will tailor a marine team to meet the unique requirements of each production.


Everything you need to shoot a beautiful film on water

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